If you are suffering from pain or fatigue or maybe you're looking for a little edge: now is your opportunity to find out first-hand what many others have already experienced. You never know when something great may come along and change your life for the better!

Specializing in scar tissue and neck and shoulder pain.

My personal story about Rolfing and Craniosacral... Rolfing saved me from pain and surgery on my own neck.  After years of being an electrician and several whip lash accidents, I was unable to turn my neck... I turned my whole body!  After my first session I could turn my neck and the pain had dramaticly decreased. I was so impressed with my sessions that I decided to make this my new lease on life. Craniosacral added the clarity to the bodywork to feel completly back in my body with ease. I love my work.. every body is so different. It's very own puzzle pattern!
                                                                                   -Barbara St. Clair

I would like to thank some of the great teachers I have studied with... Peter Melchior, Emmitt Hutchins, David Davis, Neal Powers, Nilce Silveira, Sharon Hancoff, Judith Aston, Mary Bond, Carol Agneessens, Ray McCall and to every person who walks into my practice... for they are my greatest teachers.

International Association of Structural Integrators
Rolf Guild, Boulder Colorado
Rolf Institute, Boulder Colorado

  Barbara St. Clair  Board Certified Structural Integrator